Alexandre de Andrade Emerich
Farm Facts
Sítio Bela Vista

Municipality: Alto Jequitiba / Minas Gerais
Average altitude: 1200.00 meters
Latitude: -20.402494
Longitude: -41.887083

About your grower

The rural exodus is a remarkable phenomenon in the history of Brazil in the 20th century. Thousands of families left the field or small agricultural communities in search of a better life in the big cities, leaving behind the passion for the land and a whole history dedicated to the rural area. Alexandre Emerich's family was one of those. They left Minas Gerais towards Rio de Janeiro, where they managed to raise the family and provide for the children. In his school holidays, the little Alexandre had the opportunity to visit his father's lands on "mineiro" soil. He grew up and fell in love with the vicinity of the town of Region Serra of Caparaó, its mountains, nature and coffee plantations full of flowers. He was called "crazy" on the day he decided to leave the life in the big city to become a farmer. He had decided to go on his father's opposite way. He specialized in unique types of coffee and bought a piece of land on a hill so high that it looked more like the border with the sky. To reach Bela Vista farm, he cut off roads. He planted 30,000 coffee trees and gave himself the task of producing dozens of varieties of specialty coffees that only the region of Matas de Minas is able to offer. Today, what moves the "former boy from Rio" is to be able to put on people's table a coffee of excellence, to receive compliments for the work and to have the recognition for what one day they called madness.  

Cupping characteristics
Cup score: 83
Aroma: Toasted, sweet and caramel
Flavor: Buttery
After taste: Short
Acidity: Medium
Body: Medium
Production characteristics
Bags: 24
Coffee variety: Catuaí vermelho IAC - 81
Processing: Natural
Maximum altitude: 1200.00 meters
Harvest: 2017/2018
About Matas de Minas Region
The Matas de Minas Region is a specialty coffee origin producer composed by 63 municipalities located in an area of Brazilian Atlantic Forest in the east of Minas Gerais State.




East of Minas Gerais State

Production area





(80% small producers, with less than 20 ha planted)

Direct jobs


Indirect jobs


Artisanal Quality

We are pioneers in what we call artisanal quality – the andcrafted work and techniques developed by our growers in the region – producing high quality coffees. The result of this effort is a diversity of nuances and flavours that are present in our coffees – highly prized in the most important national and international coffee competitions.

Natural Sustainability

Our production is naturally sustainable, predominantly made up of family farming and impacted by direct and indirect economic and social factors, and the natural integration between man and forest, cultural factors present in the coffee production of our region.

Collective Development

The Matas de Minas Region is regulated by the “Matas de Minas Coffee Associations Council”. A non profit organization with representative, scientific, educative and cultural roles, formed by associated members and partnerships, focused on the development of the coffee growers throughout the 63 municipalities that compose the demarcated region of the Matas de Minas.

Origin and Quality reports
Buyer Caparaó Specialty Coffees Lda
OIC Code 2/18
City of destination Lisboa, Portugal
Place of sealing
Lot code 1519157738

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